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This is a well-known fact that most countries today depend on, and create a substantial income from, importing and exporting goods, while they also need to implement this complex process with the best quality service in an ever-competitive overseas market. UN Cargo & Logistics, LLC., a New York, US-based organization has been providing this sort of remarkable service in the cargo market with its two branch offices in UAE.


From the day of its inception in 2005 on, UN Cargo & Logistics has embraced the challenge of making a difference in the world for all its customers; with an unparalleled professionalism and a strong work ethics, UN Cargo & Logistics has been providing very competitive and cost sensitive courier services. The company has been growing more and more; as a result, we decided to open branch offices in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Currently UN Cargo & Logistics is strategically located in Dubai to establish a pro-active, professional and close relationship with all the airlines operating in Dubai and in the U.A.E. Our enterprise began on a very humble note with a very dedicated sales and customer service team of experienced, responsible and dedicated professionals. We worked hard to the strategic blueprint, and this has been instrumental in keeping a wave ahead of the competition!

Today, our company has cargo services from the U.A.E. and the Middle East to more than 85 major destinations in Middle East, Africa, Europe and the U.S.A. With our extensive network, we accept and forward shipments from most gateways due to our efficient and competitive services.


In U.N. Cargo & Logistics we aim to provide our customers with fast and outstanding cargo services with very competitive prices in the market. For this purpose, we designed customized transportation solutions that would meet price and service expectations of all types customer profiles. Our devoted and knowledgeable transportation specialists are fully committed to providing personalized services; our goal is to earn our clients' complete confidence that their goods are being handled with care.

U.N. Cargo & Logistics also provides its customers with a wide range of innovative services with superior value and best quality service!

By choosing U.N. Caro & logistics as your shipping management provider, you will experience firsthand the total customer satisfaction with a complete peace of mind!

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