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Service Description

UN Cargo & Logistics offers the following quality services to our clients:

  • International and local services
    (import, export, re-export & cross-trade handling)

  • Sea  Freight Forwarding

  • Air Freight Forwarding

  • Land Transportation (GCC, UAE, and the Middle East)

  • Custom Clearing Services

  • Warehousing Commodities/Facilities

  • Air Charter Services

  • Logistics

  • Packing and Removals

  • Loading and Unloading Services

  • Track and Trace

  • Serving all types of  businesses (small, medium, large)


In our operations, we undertake all modes of transportation and whether it is a small personal shipment or an oversized cargo, it is our duty to make sure all your freight gets picked up and delivered on time in good condition, while our courteous and knowledgeable transportation specialists and staff can be reached anytime, 24/7 by phone, social media or email.   


Cognizant that the proper preparation of paperwork is a crucial part of a shipment, our experienced and knowledgeable staff pays close attention to every stage of the delivery to make sure paperwork is handled properly and to prevent delays. 

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